A variety of products and ingredients are mobilized daily by our experienced import/export team.

We oversee the import and export of products and ingredients, a process which is indispensable for global expansion. Due to our experience moving food products to over twenty countries, we are familiar with international trade regulations. We can also import the ingredients best suited for each product from around the world at the best prices.

We respond to requests such as these

  • Raw materials We want to reduce the cost of raw materials and materials.

  • I want to be particular about raw materials.

  • I want to make ground overseas.

UFI Strengths

I want to keep costs down.

UFI’s network has made it possible to reduce costs and ensure consistent quality.
Recently, we have been able to import corn used to make corn soup to Japan by having it semi-finished at contract farms overseas. By importing corn to Japan, we have been able to reduce costs and ensure consistent quality.

We want to deliver the authentic taste that cannot be made locally to stores overseas.

In order to provide cakes of the same quality as those in our stores in Japan at our overseas stores We have made it possible to provide the same delicious taste as in Japan through a simple operation: manufacturing frozen cakes, exporting them, thawing them, and serving them.

We want to distribute our own food products.

We targeted vegetarians and health-conscious people.
We exported natural seasonings from natural ingredients (bonito and mushroom extracts, etc.) and acerola juice as natural vitamin C.