We respond to requests such as these.

  • I want to create PB products
    benchmarked against NB products.

  • I want to create PB products
    using our own raw materials.

  • New to the food business
    I want to enter the food business.

We will propose products based on
our many past development achievements.

As an expert in the food business, UFI has the knowledge and experience to provide support from planning and proposal to product manufacturing and quality control. UFI has the knowledge and experience to provide support.
For example, the

  • Original Hawaiian BBQ sauce proposed as an item next to the cash register at convenience stores.
  • Proposal for product design to make the sales floor look like an overseas supermarket

We have examples such as the following.

We have facilities capable of producing food products in a wide range of product categories.
We have 64 lines in our own factory, allowing us to realize a one-stop production process from purchasing raw materials to commercialization. We are able to provide a one-stop service from the purchase of raw materials to commercialization.
Other companies would just blend the ingredients and that would be the end of it. packaging, and small portioning.

Features of UFI’s Proposals

  • feature 01

    Support beyond branding is available

    UFI offers not only branding but also a variety of services from planning and proposal to securing sales channels, making it possible for us to provide a comprehensive service.

  • feature 02

    Branding outside of
    the food industry is also possible.

    In addition to the food industry, we also work with IT and apparel companies.
    We are also available for new business start-ups and collaborative products.

  • feature 03

    New entry into the food business is possible even in a different business format.

    We have a wealth of extensive development experience.
    We can provide comprehensive support from order to delivery.

  • feature 04

    Can be deployed globally.

    We can support new entry into the food business using our network.


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    Contact Us

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  2. 02

    preparatory meeting

    We will listen to your needs and determine the direction of your branding.

  3. 03

    Sample Production

    We will create a sample based on the information you provide.

  4. 04

    brush up

    Brush up repeatedly
    until the ideal shape is achieved.

  5. 05

    Delivery of Products

    We will deliver what you are satisfied with.