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The "food solution" is here.

As lifestyles change with the times and food becomes more diverse, UNITED INTERNATIONAL Corporation has consistently and promptly responded to the various demands of its customers with the motto of "being safe and secure" and "tasty" since its establishment.

We can meet a variety of needs.

  • CASE 01

    Development and Improvement

    I need support in developing new products and improving existing products.

  • CASE 02

    Development of new PB products

    We want to create private brand products with quality that is competitive with major food manufacturers.

  • CASE 03

    Cooperation in equipment and technology

    We want to produce products that cannot be manufactured at our current production facilities due to equipment or technology.

  • CASE 04

    Provision of production sites

    We want to set up a production base that can handle mass production.

  • CASE 05

    Various cases

    Want to develop products that are compatible with food culture, customs, and allergies

  • About OEM

Items manufacturedPlace the cursor over the photo to view the minimum lot.

  • From5,000kg

    powdered soup

    Corn soup.
    Potage soup
    Wakame seaweed soup
    Powdered miso soup, etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From5,000kg

    powdered drink

    Sports Drinks,.
    Cocoa, Matcha Latte, and
    Royal milk tea
    Protein, etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From5,000kg

    coarse rice flour mix

    Pancake mixes,.
    Okonomiyaki flour
    Fried bean curd flour,
    takoyaki flour etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From2,000kg

    liquid seasoning

    Yakiniku sauce,.
    Sukiyaki sauce
    Hamburger Sauce
    Udon noodle, soba sauce, etc.

    From 2,000kg

  • From3,000bottles


    Sesame, Caesar, and
    Japanese, Chinese, and
    Coleslaw, etc.

    From 3,000bottles

  • From20,000pack

    soup served in a pot

    Yose-nabe, Chicken Salt Chanko
    Soy Sauce Chanko-Nabe
    Sesame soy milk hot pot,Kimchi hot potetc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From20,000pack

    side dish

    Chikuzen stew with meat and potatoes
    Potato salad, pork miso soup
    Happosai, Saba Miso etc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From20,000pack


    Curry, Corn Soup, and
    Risotto, Chinese rice bowl, and
    Sara Udon, chicken soup
    Yukkejang, etc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From8,000pieces

    baked sweets

    Muffins, Madeleines, and
    Pound cake
    Tarte cups, etc.

    From 8,000pieces

  • From10,000pieces

    Frozen Sweets

    Cheesecake, chiffon cake, Mont Blanc, and
    Chocolate cake

    From 10,000pieces

  • From20,000bottles/pack

    Chilled Beverages

    Coffee, fruit-sweetened beverages, oatmeal lattes, and
    Soy milk lattes,.
    Lemonade, etc.

    From 20,000

  • From140,000grains


    Nutritional supplement chewables
    Xylitol tablets,.
    Health food tablets etc.

    From 140,000grains

Domestic and overseas expansion

UFI's major strength is that it has its own factories in Japan, the U.S., China, and Indonesia. All but the Kyushu Factory are certified by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) or the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI), which ensures that all food products are manufactured to high quality in the appropriate factory.

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