OEM Questions

Q How do I inquire about OEM?

First, please contact us by email.
A sales representative will explain the process in detail.
More information about OEMs is here

Q What kind of products can you make?

We handle a wide range of products, from liquid and powdered seasonings to prepared foods and confectionery.
Examples of manufactured items are here

Q How long does it take from request to commercialization?

We will present the first sample in about 2 weeks from the first meeting. We will proceed with commercialization while listening to customer requests. If you wish to commercialize your product in a short period of time, please consult with us. We will do our best to meet your needs.

Q How much does it cost to make a prototype?

There is no cost for customers until a product is commercialized. (If you use a production line and need a large number of samples, we will consult with you separately.)

Q Is it possible to make a prototype with specified ingredients?

We will ask customers to provide us with the standards for the raw materials to determine if they can be used as raw materials.

Q What are the areas where I can do business?

We handle areas throughout Japan. We also have sales offices in the United States, China, Singapore and Thailand.

Q What is your production volume?

You can check details here


Items Manufactured

  • From5,000kg

    powdered soup

    Corn soup.
    Potage soup
    Wakame seaweed soup
    Powdered miso soup, etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From5,000kg

    powdered drink

    Sports Drinks,.
    Cocoa, Matcha Latte, and
    Royal milk tea
    Protein, etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From5,000kg

    coarse rice flour mix

    Pancake mixes,.
    Okonomiyaki flour
    Fried bean curd flour,
    takoyaki flour etc.

    From 5,000kg

  • From2,000kg

    liquid seasoning

    Yakiniku sauce,.
    Sukiyaki sauce
    Hamburger Sauce
    Udon noodle, soba sauce, etc.

    From 2,000kg

  • From3,000bottles


    Sesame, Caesar, and
    Japanese, Chinese, and
    Coleslaw, etc.

    From 3,000bottles

  • From20,000pack

    soup served in a pot

    Yose-nabe, Chicken Salt Chanko
    Soy Sauce Chanko-Nabe
    Sesame soy milk hot pot,Kimchi hot potetc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From20,000pack

    side dish

    Chikuzen stew with meat and potatoes
    Potato salad, pork miso soup
    Happosai, Saba Miso etc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From20,000pack


    Curry, Corn Soup, and
    Risotto, Chinese rice bowl, and
    Sara Udon, chicken soup
    Yukkejang, etc.

    From 20,000pack

  • From8,000pieces

    baked sweets

    Muffins, Madeleines, and
    Pound cake
    Tarte cups, etc.

    From 8,000pieces

  • From10,000pieces

    Frozen Sweets

    Cheesecake, chiffon cake, Mont Blanc, and
    Chocolate cake

    From 10,000pieces

  • From20,000bottles/pack

    Chilled Beverages

    Coffee, fruit-sweetened beverages, oatmeal lattes, and
    Soy milk lattes,.
    Lemonade, etc.

    From 20,000

  • From140,000grains


    Nutritional supplement chewables
    Xylitol tablets,.
    Health food tablets etc.

    From 140,000grains

Q Is it possible to develop at lower cost?

After asking the production unit price, our sales person will answer whether it is possible to develop.

Q What are your qualifications for quality control?

We have ISO, and FSSC22000.