Common requests during development

  • PB products that are
    comparable to NB products
    I want you to develop PB products
    that are comparable to NB products.

  • I want the taste of this store
    and this product.
    I want you to reproduce.

  • Protect your costs.
    I want you to develop.

UFI’s experience, track record, and network
We create new value.

We have experience in the development of numerous PB products.
We have developed and commercialized products in a variety of categories, not only at our group factories, but also in collaboration with more than 100 partner companies.

Depending on the request, we have a target “this taste (benchmark)” for the development of PB products.
We compare prototypes to the benchmark and repeatedly go back and forth with the customer to achieve the target taste.

Through cooperation with Group plants, smooth cost estimations are possible.
We will develop and design according to the desired cost.

Special features of UFI’s planning and product development

  • feature 01

    Forecasts of workflow
    Possible to make a proposal

    We do not simply plan products, but also propose improvements to distribution channels and operations to contribute to our customers sales.

  • feature 02

    Collaboration with group companies Achieving the ideal taste

    By utilizing the know-how of not only UFI, but also our group companies and partner factories, we are able to create the ideal flavor.

  • feature 03

    All members of our development team are enthusiastic about “food.”

    We always keep our antennae up and are always interested in what they eat.

  • feature 04

    We have abundant knowledge through producing many categories of products.

    By delivering thousands of products to the world, we can move the shortest distance to commercialization.


  1. 01

    Contact Us

    Please use this form to contact us.

  2. 02

    Preparatory Meeting

    We will listen to your requests and The direction of the project We will decide on the best way to do this.

  3. 03


    Based on your request We will make a proposal.

  4. 04

    Product Development

    We will develop samples based on what we hear from you.

  5. 05


    You will be asked to review a sample.
    Based on your opinions
    We will continue to improve the accuracy of the taste.

  6. 06


    In a hygienic factory We produce all kinds of food We manufacture all kinds of food products with high quality.